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AIHC was established in 2010 out of the vision of Pathisa Nyathi, the founding director and owner. AIHC’s developmental thrust and resourcing ideology is informed by self-help and self-sufficiency which engenders a spirit of independence and pride.


To be a centre of excellence in the documentation, preservation and promotion of indigenous cultural heritage.


AIHC provides a venue and organises a variety of cultural, educational and recreational programmes for the public to learn and appreciate different facets of indigenous heritage, history and cultural context.


  • To research on, document and promote tangible and intangible indigenous cultural heritage
  • To develop and enrich the consciousness of the people about their cultural heritage and foster respect for cultural identities
  • To cultivate cultural exchange and give indigenous culture international prominence
  • To develop skills and knowledge relating to traditional crafts
  • To collect and preserve local cultural artefacts


Diversity-Diversity refers to all of the characteristics, traditions and histories that make individuals different from each other.

Education-The act of learning, growing and understanding of communities and humanity through active participation through open dialogue.

Community-Working together and engaging with one another in productive and healthy ways to successfully work towards the CCC mission and vision

Creativity and resourcefulness– Our constant search for fresh ideas and innovative ways of doing things enables us to make full and productive use of the resources that are available to us

Truth and Integrity– We seek the truth and promote honesty and integrity in all matters

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