What we do

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We seek to promote the Centre as a landmark and tourist spot for visitors nationally and globally. We cooperate with other cultural institutions and interested bodies for the purpose of highlighting indigenous thought, worldview and philosophy


  • Crafts making-Includes pottery/ ceramics, skin/leather tanning, wood carving, iron working, basketry, stone sculpture
  • Participatory cultural activities-rubbing sticks to make fire, fetching water from a well, grounding/pounding sorghum grain on stones and using pestle and mortar, cooking sadza/isitshwala, setting snares, fencing, beer brewing, sorghum threshing, floor preparation etc.
  • Performing Arts-traditional music, dance ( amabhiza, njelele, amajukwa, isitshikitsha, poetry, ululating, imvokloklo, nursery rhymes, lullabies and storytelling)
  • Traditional games and sport
  • Nature watching
  • Organised tours of neighbouring villages
  • Crafts exhibitions
  • Traditional Culinary expos
  • Documentation of cultural elements
  • Curio shop-various artefacts which can be used as souvenirs are sold
  • Library-stocked with the latest books on culture and heritage for the avid researcher
  • School visits-guided tours for primary and secondary schools
  • Braai-allows you to relax and enjoy the serene environs


  1. Butholezwe Nyathi


  2. do you guys offer wedding venues

  3. Hello,

    Please pardon the delayed response to your message, somehow we had missed it. A day’s outing is $5 per person (2015 rate). Overnight camping is $10 per person (but you bring your own camping material).

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