We had our first group of international tourists from Germany visiting our Centre on Saturday 9 January 2016.

We are excited the group was the first to experience our new package, Braai On The Rocks! It’s simple, put a braai stand on top of a mountain and roast the meat as you enjoy the magnificent view of a local dam and balancing rocks.

Adding to the fun was our other new product, Camping on The Rocks! We had our guests pitching tents on the mountain and had a night of drumming and marveling

Balancing rocks in Matobo #MatoboPhotoWalk

Balancing rocks in Matobo

at the African Sky.

The group had earlier on toured our Centre and got insights into the rich indigenous cultural heritage.

Folks, its 2016 and you don’t want to miss out! ‪#‎VisitAmagugu‬ ‪#‎Matobo‬ ‪#‎Tourism‬ ‪#‎culture‬


Sunday 17 January was a wonderful day. We took, aboard a limousine, leading creative practitioners from Bulawayo on a visit to Amagugu International Heritage Centre in Matobo. Our able chauffeur was Babongile Sikhonjwa. The tour guide on the day was Pathisa Nyathi who unpacked the phylosophical and cosmological underpinnings of indigenous cultural heritage. It was blissful when Dumisani Ramadu Moyo, Owen Maseko and Jeys Marabini, from the top of a mountain, played lovely guitar tunes with the young hip hop acts Mzoe Seven, Guluva 7 and Tafadzwa Asaph Tarukwana throwing in some rhymes. Zandile Zaza Ndlovu and Sizwakele R. Ndlovu made sure we had a good braai. The young musos on the day shared experiences with leaders in the game like Vusa Mkhaya Ndlovu. Thanks to Nigel Ndlovu for filming the proceedings. Click here for images.   ‪#‎AmaguguLimousineTours‬ are available on request ‪#‎Matobo‬ ‪#‎AmaguguHeritage‬


The year 2015 was fruitful in as far as fulfilling our mandate is concerned – preserving and promoting indigenous cultural heritage. We had thousands of primary and secondary school students, local and international tourists visiting our Centre in Matobo.

We painted the perimeter wall of the Centre with 27 murals. The project was supported by Hivos and expanded the scope of our cultural programming. The murals have also enhanced the aesthetic ambience of the Centre. Perimeter wall with murals

We were delighted to belong to a partnership that has for the past two years organized the My Beautiful Home competition. We had over 300 homesteads participating in the competition from seven wards in Matobo District. Villagers won magnificent prizes like water tanks and wheel barrows courtesy of support from our private sector partners.

A traditionally painted hut

A traditionally painted hut

Interactive drumming session courtesy of Drums of Peace

Interactive drumming session courtesy of Drums of Peace

Drums of Peace from Bulawayo became the first group from outside of Matobo to perform at Amagugu. The interactive drumming session had lasting impressions of joy.

We partnered with Intwasa ARTS Festival koBULAWAYO and conducted a workshop for primary school children on the wosana traditional dance. The wosana is a rain making dance and largely unique to Matobo.

We convened the first in a series of Culture Connection Days and we had Nobuntu – an all female imbube music group – as the first group to perform. They were a marvel to watch.

Sweet melodies and captivating dances by Nobuntu

Sweet melodies and captivating dances by Nobuntu

Nkosini Ndlovu, a versatile drummer and dancer became our first rural based artist to promote. Ndlovu performed at the official opening of Ibumba International Festival.

Armed with their cameras, the finest of photographers from Bulawayo besieged the communal lands of Matobo and captured immaculate images of the vast cultural and natural landscape. This was our contribution to promoting Matobo as a prime tourism destination.

Balancing rocks in Matobo #MatoboPhotoWalk

Balancing rocks in Matobo #MatoboPhotoWalk

We screened in December two local films, Freedom and The Collector, in partnership with the Zimbabwe International Film and Festival Trust. The interest from local Matobo women and children was inspirational.

And yes, this very website was created in 2015 and is allowing us to share our work with an international audience.

We honour the women and men who work at the Centre for their exceptional and diligent work.

The 2016 calendar of events is just as impressive. Watch this space for updates on a rolling basis.

We thank you all for the love and support you have showed us. If you have not been to the Centre please make sure that 2016 is your year to visit. You won’t regret!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with love and prosperity.



Part of the audience at the short films screening

We screened at Amagugu on 20 December 2015 two films, Freedom and The Collector, written by Nigel Ndlovu and Justice Chapwanya respectively. The two films were produced by the Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust. Continue reading


We are excited to partner with Ibumba Festival in hosting on 20 December 2015, 0900hrs – 1400hrs, a contingent of local and regional artists that will be performing at the 2015 edition of the festival. A seat in the tour bus is US$5. Continue reading

Matobo Photo Walk

Balancing rocks in Matobo

Rock landscape in Matobo

We had a very successful #MatoboPhotoWalk on 15 November. In attendance were some of Bulawayo’s leading photographers – KB Mpofu, Mgcini Nyoni, Ernest Mackina, Ngqabutho Frank Dube, Crispen Ndlovu and Nerville Sterling. Continue reading


We conducted on 3 October 2015 the first in a series of Culture Connection Days at Amagugu. Featuring Nobuntu, an all-female imbube music group, the day began with a guided tour of the Centre, nature and photo walk, mountain climbing, playing of traditional games, basket weaving and pottery making.

Nkosini Ndlovu shows off his agility

Nkosini Ndlovu shows off his agility


Amagagasi Olwandle perform the wosana dance

Opening the music session was Nkosini Ndlovu, new fresh talent that we recently discovered in Matobo. Ndlovu delivered an unadulterated organic performance characterised by loud thumping of drums – themselves attached by wires, a reflection of Ndlovu’s enterprising nature. Ndlovu’s music is pure and reflects his natural intelligence and identity.
Our resident dance group, Amagagasi Olwandle: Ingozi Thutshu upped the tempo with their wosana dance. The group makes good imagery when their black and white regalia moves rhythmically in line with the fast pace of the wosana dance.
Enter Nobuntu! My oh my, they ain’t just singularly and collectively beautiful, their voices are angelic too! Nobuntu’s act was nothing but a beautiful blend of harmonies – a true epitome of Ndebele traditional music beautifully complemented by isitshikitsha, amabhiza and indlame dances. Imbube music is traditionally performed by men, but Nobuntu take it on proficiently and for a moment you forget it’s traditionally male dominated.

Sweet melodies and captivating dances by Nobuntu

Sweet melodies and captivating dances by Nobuntu

We say thank you to guests from Bulawayo who came to the Culture Connection Day. Your support is highly appreciated. A hearty thank you to 10th District Music for partnering with us. All images courtesy of Tswarelo Mothobe.
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